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Improving healthcare through patient-centricity and innovative technology.


Dr Sophia Moscovis, PhD, GAICD is a scientist with a PhD in immunology and genetics and 20+ years’ experience in healthcare in academia, clinical trials and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry with a current focus on innovation, business transformation, execution excellence, digital transformation, patient experience and digital health. Sophia is currently the Director of Program Management, Risk & Strategy at Race Oncology, an ASX-listed biotech company, a contributor for Forbes Australia, a keynote speaker, consultant to Global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and digital health organisations and founder of a preventative health startup.


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Go-to-Market Strategy

Supporting healthcare organisations in ​their go-to-market strategy including ​patient journey mapping, design ​thinking and business model ​development, with a focus on innovative ​digital solutions, strategic partnerships, ​and patient-centricity.

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Business Transformation

Supporting healthcare organisations to transform towards a digitally enabled, patient-centric, design thinking model, through the creation of a strategic roadmap for success that is anchored to the vision, with clear roles and responsibilities, stakeholder management and communication plans, and KPIs.

Healthcare Transformation

Increasing awareness and advocacy for digital health and healthcare transformation through contributor articles, white papers, panel discussions, and keynote presentations:



Digital Transformation: Healthcare is undergoing a major transformation, with many organisations embracing new technologies to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Human-Centered Design: Despite the increasing reliance on technology, the human element remains crucial in healthcare design. Human-centered design approaches can help ensure that healthcare spaces are intuitive, comfortable, and accessible to all patients, regardless of their background or abilities.

Generative AI: The healthcare industry is likely to see more organisations adopt generative AI and other advanced technologies to enhance the quality of care through optimised treatment plans, risk identification, and personalised care plans.

Web3 and the Metaverse: The future of healthcare is likely to see an increasing reliance on emerging technologies such as Web3 and the Metaverse. These technologies can help facilitate remote consultations, virtual care delivery, and decentralise healthcare data.

Digital Medical Affairs: Digital Medical Affairs refers to the use of digital technologies, such as social media, mobile apps, and virtual reality, in medical affairs. This can include online medical education, digital communication with healthcare professionals, and leveraging real-world evidence to inform medical decision-making.



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